What is Guest Account Services?

Guest Account Services is a web application for use by non-NASA identities that have a need for a NASA Guest account to access public, low-risk web application capabilities supported by NASA.

I am a first time user. What is a guest account and how do I create one?

Your Guest account consists of your first and last name, email address, and citizenship. A Guest account gives you access to public, low-risk web application capabilities supported by NASA.

To create your Guest account, enter your information, read, and agree to the Terms of Service on the Sign Up page. When the account is completed you will have receive an email with a link to create your password and complete your Guest account registration. Then, you will be able to use this account for login to the NASA application/service you were attempting to access.

How do I complete my Guest account registration?

You will receive an email with instructions for setting your password. After you have set your password, your Guest account registration will be complete.

I forgot my Guest account password. How do I reset it?

On the Sign Up page, click the "Reset Password" link. Enter the email address associated with your Guest account. You will then receive an email with a link to reset your password.

I want to change my Guest account password. How can I do that?

On the Sign Up page, click the "Log In" link. Once logged in, you will be able to update your password. You must know your current password before you can set a new one.

What if I already have a Guest account? Do I need to create a new one?

No. Simply click the "Log In" link to enter your password and access your Guest account.

What application/services allow a Guest account to login?

Currently, only Software.nasa.gov allows self-registration via the Manage Account Services feature.

How do you know if an application or service allows Guest account login?

Each application determines whether low-risk Guest accounts are allowed to access via Launchpad single sign-on processes. Additionally, some applications verify whether you have been approved for that application or service.

Will my Guest account password expire?

Yes. Your Guest account password is valid for 60 days. To keep your Guest account active, you will need to change the password before the expiration date.

I had a Guest account but it has been 6 months or longer since I logged in. Will this account still work?

No. Guest accounts are deleted after a period of inactivity. To regain access to Guest, simply go to the website and create a new account.

What is a Level of Confidence (LoC) and why is it on my Guest account page?

In order to grant access, people are assigned a Level of Confidence which measures 1) the degree of certainty that a person is who they claim to be and 2) a person's suitability/fitness for their position or access level. Your LoC is predetermined and will allow you to access applications at the appropriate level. Note that some applications may have Level of Confidence (LoC) validations that must be met for certain access.

The application I am requesting requires a higher Level of Confidence (LoC). What do I do?

To request a higher Level of Confidence, select the Increase Access button located next to your current Level of Confidence. Additional identity verification is required in order to increase your access. Complete the form with your Legal Name, Permanent Address, Date of Birth, and SSN. Upon successful verification, your access level will be increased to the appropriate level.

I have a non-NASA Smartcard. Can I use it?

Yes. Once you have created your Guest account you will be able to register your non-NASA Smartcard. Simply log into your Guest account, go to the "Register Smartcard" tab, and follow the prompts on the page. Some applications may require you to register your Smartcard to achieve a certain access level. Registering a non-NASA Smartcard will allow NASA to accept and electronically verify credentials issued by other federal agencies, such as CAC, PIV, or PIV-I. This process does not automatically grant access to NASA facilities or IT resources.

I have set up my Guest account, what do I do next?

Visit the NASA website to which you have been granted access. You will be redirected to the Access Launchpad website where you will enter your email address and the password that you have set up.

I am on the Access Launchpad website. How do I enter my Guest account Userid and Password?

Applications will re-direct you to log in on the Access Launchpad website.  The Access Launchpad website (launchpad.nasa.gov) has three login options:  Smartcard, RSA Token, and Agency User ID.  Most Guest accounts will use the “Agency User ID” option. Once you’ve selected the “Agency User ID” option, enter the email address that is associated with your Guest account in the Agency User ID field and the password that you set up in the Password field. Then click Log In.  If successful, the application site should be displayed. If you have a registered non-NASA Smartcard, select the "Smartcard" option and follow the instructions.

How do I use my Google account?

Instead of having to maintain a Guest account password, you can link your Google account via the Social Accounts tab. Guest.nasa.gov provides both a NASA Launchpad Login and a Google Login, and there are plans for other applications to provide these options. Note that you will have to use the Manage Account Expiration Date feature to extend your account end date for long-term needs.

What does Limited Services Available mean?

During the Limited Services mode some features of guest.nasa.gov will be unavailable due to a maintenance activity. Services will be fully restored after the activity is complete.

Whom do I contact for help?

For help, contact the NASA Enterprise Service Desk by phone at 1-877-677-2123, Option 2 or esd.nasa.gov.